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Nudge (Reminders) - Simple Tailor Software

Nudge is a simple, focused reminder app that lives somewhere in the space between the built-in Clock and Calendar apps. It’s perfect for when you just need a quick pop-up reminding you to pay a bill, water your geraniums, or pick up a bottle of wine for dinner.

Have a friend (or, more likely, spouse) that conveniently “forgets” even the simplest of tasks? Well, with Nudge, you can eliminate that excuse once and for all! With a few quick taps, you can send a reminder that they can add to their own copy of Nudge with just one click! (Okay, two. But it’s still cool.) If they don’t have Nudge, they still get a nicely formatted email reminding them of the task.

Nudge is more flexible than the Clock app because you can set reminders for a specific date and time—whether it’s in five minutes, five days, or five weeks.

Nudge is simpler than the Calendar app because you don’t have to set separate start and end dates, and you don’t have to manually add a separate alert. Built-in presets let you quickly set the most important thing—the date and time—cutting down on the time you spend spinning all those little dials. For everything else, Nudge has sensible defaults so that you can set your reminder and get out. (And if you disagree, feel free to change them!)

Of course, if you need to, you can set custom options for each reminder. You can set reminders to repeat at one of several intervals, which is good if you need to be bugged about something you keep putting off. You can also choose from twenty custom, built-in sound effects, which range from soft and gentle to loud and obnoxious. Or choose no sound at all.

Finally, Nudge keeps track of all your past reminders, so you can keep track of everything you were supposed to have done. And past reminders act as templates for new ones, so you don’t have to re-enter your most commonly used settings.

Nudge requires iOS 4.

For bug reports, complaints, comments, praise, or feature requests, send an email to .

Nudge (Reminders) - Simple Tailor Software

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